General Questions and Answers about Online Pathways

How do I apply?
LAS Pathways has an easy 5-Step Admission Process. Once you can complete that, you can register for courses. Start here: Admission.

Will I be a regular UIC student by registering for Online Pathways courses?
No. While students taking Online Pathways courses earn UIC credit, you are a non-degree seeking student.

Can I transfer to a UIC degree program after taking Online Pathways courses?
Yes. Students earn college credit by taking Online Pathways courses and are able to apply to UIC's many degree programs. See Pathways for more details.

Are Online Pathways courses open to degree-seeking UIC students?
No. Regularly admitted, degree-seeking students cannot register for Online Pathways courses at this time. Check the UIC catalog for courses that are available in online format.

Can I register for more than one course at at time?
Yes. Students can register for as many Online Pathways courses as they wish. Keep in mind, however, the workload for each class. Contact an advisor if you have questions about how much time each course will take each week.

Do Online Pathways courses transfer to other universities?
You earn UIC credit by taking Online Pathways courses and can request a transcript. All credits are transferable, however, the receiving institution will always determine acceptance of credit.

Can I apply for Financial Aid?
No. Because students registered for Online Pathways courses classified as non-degree seeking, financial aid cannot be applied. However, the University of Illinois provides an optional Payment Plan. Visit the University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations website for additional information.

Who teaches Online Pathways courses?
All Online Pathways courses are taught by UIC faculty who have extensive experience teaching and expertise in the field they teach.